Data Capture


Fortress & Castle has a sophisticated data capture service to assist you in processing your invoices, forms and surveys regardless of format or volume. We can help you process large archives or if you receive forms and invoices on a daily basis we can assist with this too.

Many customers re-direct their selected mail to us using a PO BOX number – this means the data can be entered into their own systems quickly and securely from our premises.

We use a combination of both manual and automated processes to extract all the relevant data from your paper documents. The data is then passed back to the customer in a pre-defined format to fit with their own systems.

If you have invoices or forms that need processing on a daily basis then we can have these directed straight to us. The forms arrive with us, are sorted and categorised, prepared for scanning and then the data is captured. Once the data is captured it is checked for quality and transferred to the customer in their specified format.

It’s not just about paper processing though. We offer a range of data entry and data processing services that we tailor around your own requirements. We have the technology to work with digital data in such things as PDF data extraction or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) across a wide variety of formats.

Our team often use a hybrid approach of automatic data extraction and manual data entry to provide a time and cost effective result. All of our data capture, extraction and entry services are subject to a very high level of quality control. This means an incredibly high level of accuracy and ultimately very satisfied customers.

Types of Data Capture

  • Manual Keying and indexing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Intelligent Document Recognition
  • Legacy Data Import
  • Data Capture At Source

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