Document Management made easy…

The benefits of an intelligent document management solution are endless. Improved efficiency means that documents are located, stored, managed and distributed more quickly; improving response times for your customers. Digitising your documents avoids valuable time and money being wasted on duplication of documents and other unnecessary steps, giving your staff more time to concentrate on the essentials. 

Moving to electronic storage of documents means reducing the amount of physical space needed to house your documents: Whether they are stored on site, off site, or a combination of both, the ongoing storage costs can be considerably reduced.

Fortress & Castle can assist your organisation in complying with statutory requirements and in turn help to minimise financial or legal risks which can be caused by lost, damaged or improperly used documents.

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An equally important factor that is often overlooked, is the improved security you have over your digital files. With Fortress & Castle’s FileDirector, you maintain control by deciding who can access which document. What a user can see and do in FileDirector is down to the permissions they have been given. A user may be able to create and edit documents within one Document Type, but only view documents in another. With a comprehensive audit trail you can fully monitor who has accessed your documents, and when. 


With FileDirector the capture, classification and distribution of documents is fast and efficient. FileDirector is suitable for all types and sizes of business; from the single user to large multi-national companies. 

FileDirector is based on a modular system, which allows you to tailor your own solution, and as your company grows FileDirector can fully adapt to meet the demands. Add the flexibility to connect with your business applications and you have a complete end to end process for your company. Fortress & Castle’s complete document management solution delivers fast and reliable capture scanning options through the enhanced connectivity between FileDirector and Kodak’s market leading scanner range. It’s capability to perform intelligent searches makes precise and speedy retrieval of documents easy.  

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