Secure Destruction


Protect your privacy and secure your confidential information.

Fortress & Castle provides confidential document destruction services throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing businesses with a high quality, flexible service, which helps them to cost effectively manage their sensitive waste disposal.

All paper is securely shredded, baled, and transported to the paper mills for recycling; where it is used in the manufacture of a number of paper based products. At every stage of the process from collection, to transportation, to final destruction, your information will be securely protected. Fortress & Castle can provide shredding sacks, bins or locked containers to safely store your waste documents prior to collection.

Audit trails are maintained with serialised certification of destruction issued to clients. Witness of destruction can be made available if needed for highly confidential information.

It is important that anyone you trust to dispose of your sensitive waste is fully licensed. Don’t take any risks and ask for evidence to show that they are approved contractors. Fortress & Castle complies with all legal requirements for running a secure waste collection and destruction service. Our fleet of vehicles are remotely tracked and all our operatives are vetted, fully uniformed, carry photo identification.

Contact Fortress & Castle today for a free, no obligation evaluation of your current document destruction process.

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