Outsourced Mailroom

pic1Increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Fortress & Castle can manage your incoming mail to help your company speed up existing mail room processes and reduce ongoing costs. Using our specialist document scanning and document capture technologies, we offer a full range of outsourced mailroom services to our clients.

Lost documents, misrouted mail and delays in post distribution is why more and more businesses are outsourcing their mailroom.

By setting up a dedicated PO Box address or DX service, we arrange to receive your mail at our secure UK facility. This system can be set up for receiving all your incoming mail, or for specified business processes such as invoices, applications, claims and many more.

Using market leading Kodak scanners and Kofax Capture software, we scan your incoming mail and route the digitised documents directly to the appropriate team, workflow or business process.

Many clients also use FileDirector, our hosted document viewing platform, which provides secure online storage of documents and enables viewing and retrieval by you and your team from any standard browser software.

Fortress & Castle Outsourced mailroom benefits include:

  • Elimination of lost or misfiled documents
  • Faster delivery to key workers and handlers
  • Improved internal and external customer service delivery
  • Financial savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Compliant and auditable processing
  • Reduction of paper storage costs

Why not outsource your mailroom and business processes to a specialist partner who is committed to your success?

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